T-ISS Biosoluble Heat Stop Tape 100mm

  • Highly effective heat insulating tape
  • 1,000°c temperature resistance
  • Multi-purpose for tubes and pipes all around the engine room and associated areas
  • Quick and easy to use requiring no tools
  • Cold and wet surface application is possible
  • No cracking or hardening
  • Environmentally friendly and non-harmful
  • 100mm x 3.3 metre x 12.5mm
  • Also available as 50mm x 7.7 metre x 3mm
  • SOLAS regulation 11/2/12.2.12
  • MSC 61(67)
  • GTS verification of compliance
  • EN 14306: 2009, A1: 2013

List Price: £33.00 Excl. VAT
£39.60 Incl. VAT



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